SPSIM is a reputable manufacturing company based in Mumbai specializing in the production of customized simulators for various types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, bikes, forklifts, and HMV vehicles. Since our establishment in July 2015, we have successfully supplied our simulators both domestically in India and globally. Our client portfolio spans across multiple sectors including Education, Defence, Automobile, Logistics, Oil and Gas, among others.


The establishment of SPSIM was spearheaded by Mr. Rahul Pandit in July 2015. With a Computer Science degree from the University of Mumbai and over a decade of experience in software development, Mr. Pandit leads our team in developing and refining our simulators. We began our journey specifically designing car driving simulators, and as we progressed, we expanded our scope to develop simulators for additional vehicle types including trucks, bikes, forklifts, and other LMV and HMV vehicles.


Our in-house developed simulators boast cutting-edge technology and are constructed with OEM parts. They are also equipped with our advanced simulation software, making them suitable for different driving conditions worldwide. Our ability to manufacture the product in-house ensures prompt rectification of issues, with readily available replacement parts. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on +91-9004580102/ 8369199081.

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