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We are India’s leading manufacturing company developing simulators for cars, trucks and forklifts. These simulators are developed using OEM vehicle parts (LMV & HMV respectively) which gives the end user a real life driving experience. It provides an indoor virtual platform which helps the students to improve their driving skills.

Our simulators are used mostly by driving schools for training purpose – conducting initial driver training program wherein the student can practice on both entry and advanced training exercises. While training on the simulator, the student driver will learn basic things from how to start a vehicle without stalling to learning advanced level exercises like how to drive confidently in city, different weather conditions etc. These machines are also used by research companies for tracking driver behavior data such as tracking heartbeats, eye/head position while the training is conducted on the simulator.

There are two major parts in our simulator machines – hardware and software application. The hardware part consists of original vehicle parts like steering wheel, gear box, paddles, handbrake, seat with buckle, ignition switch, combination and wiper switch. The application consists of basic to comprehensive training exercises which helps the students to improve both basic and advanced driving skills.

Our state of the art simulators have different variants for both LMV and HMV driver training. All the technical specifications and product details are available on respective product pages – LMV & HMV. Since our inception in 2015, we have installed simulators in all the major cities in India – Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata etc. Apart from this, we have also exported our simulators to Ghana, Somaliland, and Bangladesh.

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