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When it comes to driver training, there’s no room for mistakes. That’s why you need a simulator that can mimic real-life driving conditions and prepare students for the road ahead. Introducing SPSIM – India’s premier manufacturing company creating high-quality simulators for cars, trucks, and forklifts. Our simulators are designed using OEM vehicle parts, providing an authentic driving experience that will improve your skills and build your confidence.

Whether you’re a driving school looking to deliver top-notch training programs or a research company searching for a reliable tool to track driver behavior data, SPSIM has got you covered. Our simulators are perfect for conducting initial driver training exercises, from basic maneuvers like starting and stopping the vehicle, to more complex actions like navigating through different weather conditions and challenging city roads.

What sets our simulators apart is their ability to provide a safe and controlled environment for students to practice and perfect their driving skills. With our indoor virtual platform, learners can get hands-on experience with real-life scenarios, without the risks associated with on-road training.

So if you’re serious about driver training and want to invest in the best equipment available, choose SPSIM. We guarantee to exceed your expectations and deliver a driving simulator that will enhance your skills and prepare you for any situation on the road.

Our simulator machines are the ultimate tool for advanced driver training. Whether you’re looking to improve your basic skills or take on the most challenging driving scenarios, our state of the art equipment has got you covered. With two major parts – hardware and software application – our simulators offer a comprehensive driving experience unlike any other.

The hardware part is built with original vehicle parts including a steering wheel, gear box, paddles, handbrake, seat with buckle, ignition switch, combination and wiper switch. On the other hand, the software application offers basic to comprehensive training exercises to help drivers improve their skills. With variants available for both LMV and HMV driver training, our simulators cater to varying needs and requirements.

Our simulators have already made their mark, with installations across major cities in India including Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and more. Additionally, our reach extends to Ghana, Somaliland, Kenya and Bangladesh through our export services.

Don’t wait any longer to experience the most advanced driving simulator technology available. Contact us now at +91-9004580102/+91-8369199081 to learn more about our products and how we can help you become a better driver. We’re always here to assist you!


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