Bike Simulator India

Bike/ Motorcycle Simulator is a traffic safety educational machine through which you can learn how to ride a bike without any fear. The force feedback bike handle and pedals gives a feeling of driving an actual motorcycle

The purpose of this machine is to train beginners to learn the basic vehicle controls and professionals to further improve their riding skills. The application has basic to advanced level exercises for both novice and experienced riders. It also provides a detailed error report in real time and at the end of each session so that the riders can rectify their mistakes while riding on the road

Technical specifications:

  • Intel i3 4th gen processor

  • GTX/ AMD graphics card

  • SSD hard disk

  • Windows 10 operating system

Features & Benefits

  • Actual Hardware Controls – Handle, Gear system, Accelerator, Brake, Clutch, Ignition & Combination switch

  • Easy to operate application

  • Complete 180 degree of the application which provides realistic experience

  • Built on a static platform

  • Plug & Play system

  • Lightweight and can be easily moved as the base has custom wheels

Please note specifications can be customized according to the requirement

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