This is a single screen car simulator consisting of OEM car parts along with pre-installed software application. It is suitable for driving schools, skill development centre, defence and research organizations.

Technical specifications:

  • OEM car parts – Instrument panel, steering wheel, combination switch, ignition switch, Adjustable car seat with buckle sensor etc
  • Option to select LCD screen size – 18.5, 21, 24-inch or 32-inch screen
  • Intel i3 processor with 4gb RAM
  • Display resolution: 1368×768 (It will be higher depending on the screen size)
  • Voltage 220v
  • Working temperature: 0 to 40 degrees

Benefits & uses

  • Novice to professional driving training program
  • Complete driver training evaluation through detailed statistical reports
  • Assessment of driver behaviour and response
  • Option to select traffic and pedestrian density to test drivers’ skills in different situations

Dimension of the product: 142 x 97 x 108 cm

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